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Project “We Are Not Alone”

NAMI Southeast Colorado believes that recovery is possible, that our stories matter, and that we are not alone.  There are a lot of us out there.  So if your life has been affected by any mental illness, we urge you to join us and support this project by becoming a participant. Together we can make it safe for everyone to find help and end the shame and blame of these illnesses.
Project We Are Not Alone
We are not alone. This is a really important message that needs to be spread across the world. Project “We Are Not Alone” is about helping one another through shared experiences. In the fight against depression, suicide, and other mental health conditions, we want to give people an outlet to do that for free. We are creating this space by asking people to send in two 10-15 second long videos. One of them holding a sign up that shares their thoughts and experiences about how they have been affected by depression and suicide, and another video holding a sign that simply says, “We are not alone.” We will then use this footage to create a video that can be shared everywhere. With love and participation from the public, we will be able to send a powerful message that we hope will encourage people to seek out help, and end the stigma of getting mental health support.

For more information and how to participate in Project “We Are Not Alone” please visit the link below.

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